Event Blogging

How to start blogging about upcoming events

running eventDo you want to spread the message about events happening in your area, but do not know how? Then the answer is, blogging! You can learn about starting a blog about upcoming events in your area in as little as an hour if you so desire, as nowadays, it has been made incredibly easy to get your first blog up and running without a hitch.


The first thing that should be thought about, is if you want to use an already established platform, which is free of charge to make your blog, or you will spend a little bit of money, to have your very own website with your own custom, unique domain which you can proudly present to anyone.


If you have chosen the established platform, then sites such as ”Blogger.com” might be for you. Sites like “Blogger.com” focuses on the blogging aspect, and lets you create a blog in seconds, with an easy setup that anyone can follow. The obvious downsides of this, is that you do not own the page itself, it still is owned by “Blogger.com” and you are bound to their terms of services, but it is still a great cheap way to do it.


However, if you want to be more professional and truly make an unique page, you can buy your own domain and hosting plan for your site. It might sound scary, but it is not, and you can get started for as little as 15$, to get your site up and running on various providers, such as GoDaddy, NameCheap etc. For this, you do not need any programming knowledge, as you are going to use the platform known as “WordPress”. It is an easy to use blogging platform for websites, with many different templates and customization available. It is highly suggested to follow the tutorial that “WordPress” gives if you are completely new to it, to learn the basics, which will take less than a couple of minutes!


Now that you have your blog up and running, you need something to post in it, after all, how can you be blogging about upcoming events, if you have no events to blog about! A good idea is to figure out who are the main event creators in your area. Go consult with them, when do they hold events and if you can help them promote them. If you rather not go in person, you can always search for their website or Facebook page, if they have one, to read all the news and gather your information that way. Do this daily, and in no time, you will be blogging like a pro!